Echoes of Scarlet: A Fantasia on Madrid is based upon the Ohio State University Alma Mater, Carmen Ohio, which utilizes a well-known hymn tune of Spanish origin, historically known as “Madrid.”  All thematic material is derived from this hymn tune, as well as the traditional “campus chimes” that often precede the singing or playing of Carmen Ohio on the OSU campus.  


The primary melody is first introduced by solo horn, atop fragments of the chime motive in the woodwinds, then is gradually taken up by the full orchestra.  The melody undergoes several “mutations,” including a minor fugue-like inversion, before ultimately being stated with bold clarity by the horns and trombones.  Finally, the various derivations of the theme are interwoven throughout the course of a driving Coda, culminating in an uplifting conclusion.

Echoes of Scarlet was commissioned by Mr. Michael Bednarsky, Director of The Ohio State University Buckeye Philharmonic, and was premiered by this ensemble on April 23, 2018.  

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